Welcome to Tae Kwon Do of Waynesboro! We are located at 230 South Potomac Street, Waynesboro, Pennsylvania behind the Potomac Professional Center office building.

We are a member studio of the South Central Tae Kwon Do Association founded by Grandmaster Ted Hillson in 1995. We are the host studio for the Association's annual tournament and the spring and fall black belt tests, attended by member programs and studios throughout MD, PA and WV. We are also a member program with Chungdokwan USA, and our ranks and curriculum are recognized and accredited throughout the country.

We teach traditional Korean Tae Kwon Do as practised and taught by Grandmaster Hillson with an emphasis on practical self-defense, conditioning, flexibility and fitness. Our tuitions are affordable and we offer individual and family rates on a monthly and quarterly (3 month) basis. 

We’re always eager to welcome new students, so if you're looking for a challenge, a good workout and great fun with good people stop by and learn more!